Such Energy Devotion

Sometimes a TV show just hits it on the head, and Crazy People and Their Crazy Lives is one of them. Yes, it IS exactly what it says on the tin. I don’t know if they actually tell the people that their lives are going to be on display, but I guess…I guess they’d have to? Maybe they don’t see themselves as too crazy so it’s fine. They all take it in good fun.

Anyway, this latest episode was all about this budding romance between Watts and Jules, these two guys who take a super extreme approach towards clean energy. They have all this tech in their business that lets them monitor energy, they make it all themselves through exercise, and I guess now I know what a 100 KW system is, which is cool. In fact, I didn’t really know anything about the latest advances in technology before now, so there you go, it’s educational programming.

Watts and Jules seemed like nice guys, actually, so I don’t know how they qualify as crazy. True, they believe that there’s going to be some sort of unspecified apocalyptic event that makes all current forms of energy useless, hence why they’re getting into commercial solar and energy storage. Also, I think one of them might have mentioned that he wants to be some sort of Emperor in the new world order and okay, alright, that’s why they’re on the show. It all seems so obvious now. Still, they seemed like great fun. And I can see the logic of combining exercise and energy generation. They look like a couple of triathletes, the pair of them; all lean, like they could turn sideways and disappear. That’s what you get when heating an electric blanket before bed is 25 minutes of running or cycling, by which time…would you even need the bed to be warm?

Hey, they’re the crazy ones, not me. Let them have their commercial and industrial solar mastery. If I survive this unspecified event, I think I’ll be tagging along with them. I’ll definitely be tuning in next week.