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Sitting On The Heater

Alright. I have thirty minutes to get two things done for work before the heating technician comes. I am so pressed for time. I shouldn’t have spent all day dreaming about how good it will be to have a heater on every day. Now I’ve got a crazy tight deadline and the technician coming at the same time. Why am I so silly? It’s just way too easy to get distracted. 

Oh noooo! Now I only have less than fifteen minutes and I’m up to the same point that I was up to before. Seriously, why am I like this? When the ducted heater servicing technician local to Canberra arrives, I’m going to be a hot mess… and not in a good way!

I really need to work on my organisational and time management skills. It’s certainly not something that I’m good at. I just get distracted so easily. Why would I do my work tasks when I can think about how good it’ll be to sit on the heater? It’s a no brainer, although I don’t think my boss would agree. The technician’s going to arrive and I’ll be frantically on my computer, probably with my boss calling me and telling me that the work hasn’t been submitted or that it’s not at the standard he imagined.

Hopefully, the technician won’t notice that I’m so stressed out because he’s doing his heater servicing. Technicians servicing Canberra are very particular and take their jobs very seriously, so it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that the technician is too caught up in his job to realise how frantic I am. This whole thing is so embarrassing. I’m still so frantic!

I haven’t gotten all my work done and I only have five minutes left. I’m going to have to work after hours because I wasted so much time today, which just sucks. I know it’s my own fault, but that doesn’t make it any better.