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Annoying Foot Lady

The captain of our football team is so on her high horse this season. She’s really excited about footy and feels like she missed out because of an injury last season, I get it. But she needs to relax – not everyone is as prone to injury as she is. Like I’ve been playing sport, albeit not footy, for the last twenty-five years and I’ve never injured myself. Why does she think the whole team would come down with horrible foot injuries and require arch support insoles just because she did? I’d rather be learning how to tackle than talking about how to look after my feet!

I’ve spent years looking after my body. I want to learn how to throw my opponent to the ground and kick a goal for 50 out. I don’t want to hear about foot care. But oh well, she’s our captain and I may or may not even be in the seniors this season. I’m probably going to be a fringe player. I’ll play really well in the reserves and be promoted to a spot in the seniors, only to get five goals kicked on me and then be put back in the reserves the very next week.

I’ve decided that I’m going to buddy up with the captain and hope that I’ll be able to get in her good books and get a spot in the seniors every week. I feel like if I’m going to play footy, I want to be in the best team, not the team that’s just around to fill the numbers. 

I might even look into foot care treatments in Cheltenham and bring them up to everyone in one of our team meetings. That way I’ll look like I fully support her, even though I actually don’t care at all about what she’s saying. But life is about keeping up appearances and sucking up to the people that are going to get you places.