Unique dining experiences

function rooms MelbourneBacon and chestnuts isn’t such a bad idea, especially if you fried the chestnuts in maple syrup, forming a cement of sorts. Then you could wrap a bundle of chestnuts in bacon, creating an attractive package sure to satisfy at parties. Speaking of parties, I really feel like the catering company is taking off! Wasn’t sure if it was a good idea, going with the name Mad Science Catering, but it seems to be paying off since I’ve been dashing around Melbourne’s birthday party venues like I’m trying to cook Christmas dinner for a Mongolian horde! I did wonder if people would be up for the idea of trying out new flavour sensations , rather than the old canapes. Additionally, all my staff wear lab coats, goggles and serve my creations in a variety of science-themed containers.

I think people are just loving the novelty, which is truly what I’ve hoped for. I’m not saying my company is great for a funeral or anything…though maybe we could just tone down the uniforms…but when people pick up their bite-size scallops wrapped in smoked cheese and pickled eggplant, I want them to have a real experience right there in their taste buds. It’s all about the adventure! People spend as much time talking about the food creations as they do about the party venue, or the latest gossip. It almost becomes a game, with people daring each other to try something with which they’re not familiar.

Of course, everything is tested before it’s mass produced. They’re odd flavours, but if it doesn’t work I don’t serve them. It’s Mad Science with a bit of sensibility to back it up! In any case, it’s alright if people don’t like everything, because it’s all about the experience. Good thing I have a very wide palette. Well, back to dashing across Melbourne. Function rooms await that haven’t experienced my coffee-flavoured choco-steak salad nibbles!