Making a difference with rendering

rendering companiesI’ve done some pretty impressive building work in my time if I do say so myself. If had to choose the most complicated work I would have to say it was the rendering project that I organised for a family in need in the western suburbs of Melbourne. I volunteer at a local charity that helps underprivileged families repair their damaged homes. The charity is called ‘Projects for Humanity’ and I’ve been involved with them for about two years. In that time I’ve managed to help out some of the poorest families in Melbourne. The work is incredibly rewarding when you see the difference it can make to a family in need. I don’t know why more people don’t volunteer their time to help those who are less fortunate than themselves.

It’s fulfilling work and I hope I can inspire others in the building industry to lend a hand or a hammer where they can. The charity is run on donations and dedicated volunteers who care about making a difference in this world. I have a background in renovation project management so I organise the projects as best I can. Recently the charity was contacted by a family in desperate need of help with their house rendering. The family was worried about the safety of their young children when I large section of rendering come loose and fell off. I got on the phone straight away and spoke to a few rendering companies in Melbourne that I thought might be able to help. Thankfully I was able to quickly organise a team to donate their time to repair the brick rendering for this struggling family. If knew how to do rendering I would have done the job myself, but unfortunately it’s a skill that I do not possess. Thankfully there are plenty of house rendering companies based in Melbourne that are kind enough to help out a family in need.