Last-minute speaker

keynote speakerOh my gosh what have I done? I mean, I really shouldn’t be sitting here right now, blogging about all this. I need to be out there in the world, trying to desperately fix this, but I don’t seem to be able to help myself. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m in so deep there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do at this point except make the situation worse.

For the last, I don’t know, maybe month, I’ve been lucky enough to be the personal assistant to a vice principal at a private school. To try and preserve a little dignity, I won’t mention the name of the school here, but it is quite prestigious and I was very fortunate to get this position there. As one of the first major tasks I’ve been entrusted with, I was asked to find the keynote speaker for the year twelves farewell speech at the end of the week. But with so much else going on and with me being so new to the whole thing, I completely forgot to book somebody.

I know! How could I have been so stupid? This is the last time those year twelves are going to be here before they get launched into their exams, and now their final assembly is going to be a wreck. And it’s all my fault.

Currently, as I write this, I’m trying to muster up the courage to tell my boss that I’ve completely failed in the first major project that he’s given me while frantically scanning the internet to find some kind of solution here. The only problem is, every event speaker I’ve find so far requires at least a week’s notice to come in and I have far less than that. I just can’t believe I’ve managed to fail this spectacularly.