My friends are getting married, love is my gift

Melbourne property conveyancerI’m a bit a loner, always have been. I’m not one for social gathering, partially ones that involve a lot of people. I still have a keen interests in the lives of my friends, I spend a lot of time on social media. I have files on all of my friends that I update with new information from their public posts online. It’s a strange hobby but it keeps me busy. I was so surprised to receive a wedding invitation from a family friend. I hadn’t attending a wedding in many years, it was flattering to be asked and since I didn’t have plans for that weekend, I accepted. I wanted to get the couple a nice wedding present, it was kind of them to invite me when so many other friends have given up.  I had in mind a beautiful array of garden plants that they could enjoy. I’m told they have been talking with a property conveyancer in Melbourne about selling their current home and upgrading. I’m told they’ve decided to move to the country for a quieter life, they think Melbourne is not the best place to raise a child. I can understanding wanting to be in the wide open spaces of the country. It’ll be a nice change for them to have a house instead on a cramped apartment. When it comes to Melbourne property conveyancing they’ve chosen a group that is sure to get them a great price for their apartment. I’ve been noticing some tension between the couple on recent posts made on Facespace over where they want to move. The wife seems to be leaning towards moving to Adelaide while the husband wants to stay in Melbourne.

Either way I’m sure they’ll appreciate some new additions to their garden. I may not spend a lot of time out of the house socialising with friends, but I do know how to maintain an excellent garden. I’m sure the happy couple will be excited by the gift I plan to give them.