A Symphony of Heat and Cold

Perth air con serviceMy first music concert ever, and I’m still buzzing almost a week later. Of course, it was a performance from the great Perth Symphony Orchestra, which is honestly one the the most underrated symphony orchestras in the world. I’ve listened to a lot of recordings from other symphony orchestras, and even if I was listening to them live I don’t think they’d be quite as good.

My friend got me the ticket, mostly because they knew I love history and the concert was a symphony based around a historical event: Perth’s great strife and trouble surrounding heating and cooling.

It was, essentially, a ballad, even if there weren’t any words. Perth’s air conditioning repair was run off its feet, with everyone abusing their air con units and not using them correctly. Many worked their air con to the point where it was almost entirely broken down. Something had to be done, especially when the problem progressed to winter and people were using their personal heaters to far greater degrees than they should have.

Thus was born the heating grid, a modern marvel of climate control. It was said that Perth would never need worry about air conditioning or heating ever again…and yet, disaster was about to strike, and hubris brought to reckoning.

They made some movies about it. They were…alright. But this was a symphonic delight that focused on telling the story through sound, a collection of pieces decrying hubris, mourning the great financial waste and praising Perth’s air conditioning services for what they gave us before, that we did not realise in our arrogance.

It was a lovely evening. I hope they do it all again next year.